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Fully fit touch display module DX1 series

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Touchwo Group's touch screen brand-Point Control, launched the full-fit touch module DX1 series, which has better optical effects, and realizes full-fit production of thin, high

definition touch screens. After two years of polishing, the point-controlled capacitive touch screen factory is officially open to the public and accepts customization of capacitive touch screens of various sizes.

In the past, full lamination technology was only used on smartphones and tablets. Last year, Point Control broke through the technical barriers of low-yield large-size full-fitting, and launched a full-size full-fit touch display module, with more guaranteed quality.

The point-controlled full-fit touch display module DX1 series is to completely fit the cover glass, touch screen, and LCD screen through optical water glue in a seamless manner, remove the air layer between the display and the touch screen, and reduce The reflection phenomenon makes the light transmittance of the screen higher.

Therefore, it can provide a better display effect compared to the ordinary bonding technology "frame sticker". The touch screen is seamlessly integrated with the LCD, and the thinner body makes the design of the whole machine more flexible, and also highlights the grade and technical content of the product.

In addition, the full bonding can more effectively reduce the interference of the noise of the LCD screen on the touch signal, and improve the smoothness of the touch operation. Another advantage of the full fit is that it can completely prevent dust from entering the screen, achieve no dust and no spots, and make the picture more transparent. The fullfit series products can bring better display touch experience in terms of display and performance. And it can be equipped with a computer host and control software to form an overall complete program.

The fullfit touch display module currently launched by Point Control has covered 7 inches, 8 inches, 10.1 inches, 11.6 inches, 13.3 inches, 15.6-inches and 21.5 inches. It is considered a manufacturer with a full range of sizes on the market and can accept more The size is fully fitted and customized.

At present, this series of products have also been widely used in industrial control industry, medical industry, education industry, commercial display, smart home, self-service vending, etc., providing touch display solutions to tens of thousands of enterprises at home and abroad.

 At present, the point control fully fits the touch display module, which supports 10 points of precise touch operation with both hands at the same time, writing smoothly, no drift, disconnection and other undesirable phenomena; HD display: new A-standard LCD screen, high-definition display, brightness ≥250cd /m2, the color is clear and natural; mainstream systems such as Win7/8/10 are driver-free, plug and play; compatible with multiple systems, intelligent switching under WinXP/7/8/CE, Android, Linux, Mac and other systems; adapt to the internal , Use in a variety of external environments.

In the future, Touchwo will insist on integrating the development trend of the times and user needs as the orientation, focusing on touch products and solutions. Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the customers and partners who have given Touchwo a lot of support for a long time, and hope that we will grow together and make progress together.

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